Cheryl Kristiansen

Cheryl brings diverse expertise in project management, engineering innovation and leading transformative change in STEM.  She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, hands-on research experience in alternate fuels engine technology, and senior leadership success in the oil and gas sector.  Cheryl has worked in a variety of cultures and organizational models with strategic agility, has effectively managed international engineering projects with multiple stakeholders, led diverse sales teams and created marketing strategies to deliver financial growth.

As Managing Director of the Mitchell Odyssey Foundation, Cheryl developed a network of schools across BC with innovative programs to inspire high school students to pursue careers in STEM.  Cheryl is a certified facilitator and created the “Wild About Science” Odyssey Symposium for educators in BC. She has delivered a variety of training across Canada, including SCWIST Diversity by Design workshops at post-secondary institutions, industry conferences and STEM organizations. As a WinSETT Facilitator, Cheryl delivers seminars on Leading Change, Unconscious Bias, Micro-Aggressions and Allyship; and she is part of the Engendering SUCCESS in STEM Consortium, co-delivering Project RISE workshops to create a culture of inclusive collaboration. 

As Project Manager at SCWIST – Cheryl created the MakePossible mentoring network to advance diversity in STEM.  In the  Make DIVERSITY Possible” Program, she works with STEM companies to attract diverse talent and build inclusive workplace cultures where everyone thrives. She now leads the SCALE project to improve organizational effectiveness, develop partnerships and collective advocacy to advance diversity in STEM. 

Cheryl is passionate about connecting and collaborating with others to create solutions, with a strong focus on continuous improvement and the belief that diversity drives innovation!

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